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Smart 1:1 Member Intros to Boost Your Community Engagement

AI-powered 1:1 introductions between your community members to increase retention and engagement

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Bryan D.

(JP Academy Community)

5 Stars Rating

"An amazing way to boost activity for communities that may be struggling with incorporating new members or activities"

Isabella H.

(Fintech Startup)

5 Stars Rating

"Aphinity helped our employees feel more connected. I recommend it to companies that are looking to improve their workplace culture."

Jannik g.

(Merchant's Guild Business Community)

5 Stars Rating

"Aphinity has been excellent for our business community, we've had hundreds of successful encounters already"

How does Aphinity work?

Meeting new people and growing your network is incredibly important, no matter who you are. We make this process easy, efficient, and fun.


Build Your Matching Program(s)

Create one or more match programs for your group. Set custom matching rules on how users should connect.


Invite Your Members

Add users by sharing the unique invite link or auto importing data (CSV or Excel file).


Connections! Track Your Success

Members opt-in and automatically get paired for coffee chats. Track results & feedback via dashboard metrics.

Matching Program

Aphinity serves various organizations

All types of organizations leverage Aphinity to connect their members and build a stronger sense of community. We provide streamlined solutions for your needs.

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Businesses use Aphinity for employee success during onboarding, internal networking, mentorship, and more.



Aphinity is perfect for college campuses! Universities integrate Aphinity to connect students and boost alumni engagement.



Hobby and interest groups use Aphinity to build their community by connecting fellow members to each other for introductions.

why us

Aphinity Is A better Platform

Aphinity delivers a superior experience by focusing on the core value - creating meaningful connections via simple and secure integration with your community.

Innovative Knowledge

Easy Integration

Aphinity offers straightforward, unique integrations with your platform of choice.

Best Design

Smarter Connections

Our algorithm, with customizable rules creates smart, curated matches for users.

Top Feature

Enhanced Security

High data protection standards - your data stays secure and encrypted.

Quick Solve

Insightful Data & Analytics

Dashboard panel shows detailed match statistics and user engagement.